CadTracker has all the tools you need to manage users and control who can view, create, edit and delete different types of records.

Security roles

Set up security roles

With security roles, you can define what privileges groups of operators have for different types of records. The first step in setting up CadTracker security is to set up the role names.

Roles often closely resemble the departments in your organisation, but you can have more fine-grained roles if you wish, e.g. Accounts (trainee).

Edit operators

Create operators and assign security roles

The next step is to set up an operator record for each CadTracker user in your organisation, and assign roles. Having more than one security role gives that operator every privilege available in every role.

Apply authorisations

Apply security authorisation rules to records

Projects, document collections and e-mail boxes can be secured with authorisation rules for different roles. Select the roles that are allowed to access the resource, and select which privileges each role has. If the current operator does not have the required role to access a resource, it will not appear in CadTracker.


Operator administration

Administrators can create, edit, archive and delete operators, and reset passwords if necessary.

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