For many of us, e-mail is critical to all aspects of our business, and Outlook is our primary business app. Take control and escape e-mail chaos with CadTracker.


The solution to e-mail chaos

CadTracker provides a new approach to enterprise e-mail management. Instead of endless e-mail chains, CCs and forwards to keep people in the loop, you can file e-mails to the appropriate project, company or general e-mail box.

All the data about the e-mail is stored in CadTracker’s database. The message is also saved to disk in the right folder in Outlook Message Format.

File e-mail

File e-mails in just a few clicks

From Outlook, simply click File e-mail and select or create an e-mail box. It’s a good idea to enter a category, and you may want to add a tag or two as well. Click OK and that’s it. The e-mail and all its metadata will now be available to other people in your organisation.

E-mail list

Search, filter and view filed e-mails without Outlook

CadTracker e-mail boxes allow you to find and view filed e-mails — and you don’t even need to have Outlook installed on your PC. You can browse the category tree, search, sort and filter by columns or tags.

There’s also a global search which allows you to search for e-mails by a keyword or phrase across every e-mail box.

Outlook e-mail category

The amazing e-mail category widget

Good e-mail management is not just about filing e-mails, but being able to quickly locate them, too. So CadTracker is a champion of taxonomies, the art and science of classification. A good classification scheme supports resource discovery.

To encourage intelligent information management we’ve developed the category editor, which gives you multiple ways to set up the perfect category system for all your e-mails.

Outlook e-mail tags

Add tags to aid discoverability

E-mail management also involves tracking e-mails throughout their lifecycle. Tags can help. A tag is a keyword or term which helps describe an e-mail. You can add multiple tags to e-mails and then search for or filter by them. CadTracker’s auto-filter tags column shows the number of e-mails that have been tagged and allows multiple tags to be filtered simultaneously.

You can set up standard tags which are available in all e-mail boxes. Users can also add new tags to e-mails which are then visible in the current e-mail box.