CadTracker integrates seamlessly with Word, Excel and PowerPoint to help you create, categorise, revise, and supersede documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Create controlled Office documents in Word, Excel and PowerPoint

CadTracker’s powerful features are easily accessible in the ribbon tab in each Office app. You can add frequently-used commands the Quick Access Toolbar.

Know everything about your Office documents

With CadTracker, you can record all the metadata you’ll ever need with 100+ customisable document properties. Many properties from the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative are available. You can design document collection types with unique property configurations.

Text properties can be set up with standard selectable values. You can also require users to select values from the list, preventing new values from being entered.

Office document properties
Office document template

Set up Office document templates for common tasks

Insert fields to automatically populate and update Office document properties in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. New Office documents can be quickly created from the list of templates.

Revise, supersede and save as PDF

Revise controlled Office documents to the next major or minor revision. The old file can optionally be moved to a superseded folder, and the new revision can be automatically saved to PDF. You can set up revision schemes for each document collection type and customise the scheme for individual documents.

Rev up this Office document
Office document register

Generate beautiful, customisable reports

Professional document control wouldn’t be complete without great reports. For this reason, we’ve invested heavily in CadTracker’s reporting system. Keep your team and your clients up to date with flexible document registers in Excel (XLSX) format. Customise reports with templates, which allow you to select the columns to display, column order, names, alignments and many other options.

The amazing Office category widget

Good document control is not just about filing documents, but being able to quickly locate them, too. So CadTracker is a champion of taxonomies, the art and science of classification. A good classification scheme supports resource discovery.

To encourage intelligent information management we’ve developed the category editor, which gives you multiple ways to set up the perfect category system for all your documents.

Office document category
Multiple Documents Editor

Save time with bulk editing

If you work with Office documents you may need to update hundreds or even thousands of records at once. With the Multiple Documents Editor you can bulk edit categories, titles, descriptions, statuses, tags, notes and properties. And you can preview, open and print documents, and view revision data and transmittal histories in and out.

Add tags to aid discoverability

Document control also involves managing documents throughout their lifecycle. Tags can help. A tag is a keyword or term which helps describe a document. You can add multiple tags to documents and then search for or filter by them. CadTracker’s auto-filter tags column shows the number of documents that have been tagged and allows multiple tags to be filtered simultaneously.

You can set up standard tags which are available in all document collections. Users can also add new tags to documents which are then visible in the current collection.

Office document tags

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