Quick Project Wizard

Quick Project Wizard

In this video and blog post we’re looking at CadTracker’s Quick Project Wizard, which unsurprisingly is the easiest way to create a new project.

Configuration Folders
Configuration folder options

There are a few options in Tools > Configuration which make the Quick Project Wizard even better.

In the Folders tab, under Project there’s a Template folder. This can be an absolute path, or relative to a site folder. For this video, we’ll use an absolute path. Our project template folder is on our NAS. It contains our standard files and folders which we copy into every new project.

Another useful option is the Server folder, which can also be an absolute path or relative to a site folder. We’ll set it to our \\NAS\Projects folder.

The final option is the job template folder. We’ll select our folder using an absolute path to the NAS.

Set up project
New project with the Quick Project Wizard

Now we’ll create a new project with the Quick Project Wizard.

We’ll enter a number and a name. We’ll use UPPER CASE for the name as it will be mapped into drawing title blocks. We’ll use Title Case for the internal name.

The folder has defaulted to our server folder. We can now create the project folder and copy from the project template folder.

We’ll select the client so that the contacts are available when we’re ready to do transmittals.

Add jobs
Add a job

For this project, we’ll be authoring AutoCAD drawings so we need to set up at least one job. In the Quick Project Wizard, job folders are relative to the project folder. We can create the folder and copy from the template folder.

Add document collections
Add document collections

We can also quickly add document collections to the new project. We’ll add a collection for general documents, and one for reports.

Add e-mail boxes
Add an e-mail box

We’ll add one e-mail box.

Project start page
The project start page

Now if we open the project folder using the link on the project start page, we can see the folders and files that were copied from the project template.

We can also see our e-mail box and document collections.

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