In this video and blog post we take a look at Bookmarks in CadTracker.

A new way to manage bookmarks

We’re all familiar with internet bookmarks which have been around since the 1990s. With CadTracker, you can record URLs for projects, companies and contacts. There’s also a general collection of URLs that are not specific to those record types. Bookmarks are recorded in the CadTracker database, not on your PC, so they are available to all CadTracker users in your organisation.

View all bookmarks

View all of the saved URLs in CadTracker by clicking on the Bookmarks button on the start page, or by clicking View > Bookmarks. To open a bookmark, simply double-click on the row, or click on the link.

How to create new bookmarks

There are several ways to record a new bookmark. The first is to click New. Select which type of bookmark you want to create, and then select a project, company or contact, if necessary. Enter a name for the bookmark, and the URL. A category is recommended, but not required.

Edit bookmark
Internet shortcut files

If you already have some internet shortcut files (.url or .website files), you can drag and drop them to the region labelled Drop URLs here.

Drag and drop from a browser

The easiest way to create a new bookmark is to drag and drop from an internet browser. In Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera, you will see site information to the left of the address bar. Click and drag the site information icon, and then drop the URL onto the Drop URLs here region in the Bookmarks list.

If CadTracker is hidden behind the browser window, you can drag and hover over the CadTracker icon in the taskbar. CadTracker will activate, and you can continue to drag and then drop the URL onto the region in the Bookmarks list.

Drag and drop bookmark from browser
Microsoft Edge workaround

Unfortunately, Microsoft Edge doesn’t support dragging and dropping URLs. The workaround is to click the menu on the right, and click Open with Internet Explorer. The same URL will open and you can drag and drop as you would in any other browser.

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