Add borders and rev up drawings

In this video, we’re going to create some new AutoCAD drawings with borders, revise them up, and plot them to PDF.

Add border and create new drawing
Add border

In AutoCAD, on the CadTracker ribbon tab, we’ll click Add border. In this DWG, we want to add borders to multiple layout tabs, so we need to create a model record. We’ll add a number and some titles, and set up the viewport. The border attributes have been populated. We’ll also do a quick plot to PDF.

Rev up this drawing
Rev up this drawing

Now we’ll Rev up this drawing to the next Work in progress revision. By default, Work in progress revs are not public and will not appear in the public issue history lines in the border. However, individual revisions may be shown or hidden if necessary, by editing the drawing, clicking the Revisions tab, and clicking the Public issue toggle.

Superseded folder
Superseded folder

In the DWG’s folder, a Superseded folder has been created. The DWG file as it existed prior to the new revision has been copied to the Superseded folder. As there was a PDF of this drawing, it has also been superseded.

Rev up multiple drawings
Rev up multiple drawings

Now we’ll add another border to the next paper space layout tab.

We’ll revise this drawing as a Preliminary public issue. We’ll change the description for the public issue history line. And we’ll plot the new rev to PDF. The border attributes and the tab name have been updated.

We’ll add another model and set up two more borders.

Now we’ll rev up multiple drawings for approval. Click on the Rev up drop-down and click Rev up multiple drawings. We’ll set the Checked by and Approved by operators, and select the drawings.

View PDFs in CadTracker
View PDFs

We can see our new PDF plots in CadTracker.

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