Version 16.5.1 released 2019/07/17

We are pleased to announce the release of CadTracker 16.5.1! There are several bug fixes and some major changes and new features which we’ll discuss briefly.

See the Changes file for a complete list of all changes since the last public release (15.9.2).

Document classes

Tools > Document > Classes

The documents system has had a major overhaul, and central to this is the introduction of Document classes. Some of the options that were previously set up for a Document collection type have now been moved to the document class.


For each document class you can select document properties and operator properties from the Document property types list (more on this later), and choose the order in which they will be displayed in the document edit window. You can also optionally flag properties as Required to ensure that users enter a value.

Revision scheme

Each document class can configure a standard revision scheme. The revision code can be configured to use numbers, letters or a combination, plus a prefix and suffix. The file name format can also be defined for source document and PDFs. When a document class is selected for a new document, the standard revision scheme is copied, but it may be modified for that particular document. For example, for one document you may want to remove the revision code from the file name or use a simpler scheme.

Document property types

Tools > Document > Property types

There is a master list of Document property types, which are separated into Document properties and Operator properties. Altogether there are over 100 properties available with different data types including text, true/false, date, integer, decimal and URL. Each property type can have a custom Display name. Text properties can be configured to allow New values or list values, or List values only, which requires users to choose a value from the drop-down list. This is handy for properties such as Workflow status where you don’t want users to be able to enter new statuses.

Document collection types

Tools > Document > Collection types

Document collections can contain documents with different classes. This means that they could have different property types. So, in the document collection type you can now select which properties to show in the Default grid columns.

Project templates

Tools > Project templates

Project templates can be set up with jobs, document collections and email boxes. When creating a new project via the Quick Project Wizard a project template may optionally be selected. Jobs, document collections and email boxes may be added or removed before completing the wizard.

Quick Project Wizard

In the Quick Project Wizard, document collections and email boxes have a new option to Import existing files. After the wizard is completed, if any files are found in the new document collection folder, the Import Document Files window will be shown allowing you to quickly bring them into the new project. If files are located in subfolders, the relative folder will be used as the document’s Category. The same is true for emails found in the new email box folders.

File email to folder

When filing an email, a destination folder may now be selected. (Previously, all emails would be filed to the email box’s folder.) There is also a new option to Automatically create Category subfolders, which puts the email file in a relative path inside the selected folder that matches the Category.

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