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Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

—Henry Ford

CadTracker is a champion of teamwork. It was developed in the real world and proven with real projects by teams around Australia. In our office alone, CadTracker has helped us control scores of large projects, author 80,000 drawing revisions, and deliver 3,000 issues with 70,000 documents. Managers, draftsmen, engineers, financial officers and document controllers have worked together to develop CadTracker, and we're confident CadTracker can help your team work better, too.


Take control of your projects, documents and drawings.

CadTracker helps you keep track of everything related to your projects. Projects can be configured with numbers, names, clients, related companies, folders, drawing and revision options, and you can even add your own extended data values. Projects can also be split up into multiple jobs or areas.

With the Multiple Documents Editor, you can categorise, preview, open and print documents, record titles, descriptions, statuses and notes, and view revision data and issue histories in and out.

Keep your team and your clients up-to-date with flexible document and drawing registers. Reports can be customised with templates, which allow you to select the columns to display, column order, names, alignments and many other options.

Authoring with AutoCAD has never been easier.

With CadTracker, creating new AutoCAD drawings with title blocks and borders is literally only a few clicks away. CadTracker pre-fills data based on your most recent selections, and common values such as drawing titles may be set up for each project.

Drawings can be batch processed to update, revise, supersede and print. Drawings can be saved into groups for further processing and issuing.

Each drawing can have up to seven different operators, and roles may be customised for each project. Operators have a name, date, certification and a signature which may be plain text or an image file to be displayed in drawing borders.

CAD managers can configure drawing types, plot settings for physical plotters, PDF and DWF, and in-house and client title blocks.

Delivering documents and drawings is no longer a chore.

With lesser document control systems, creating a new transmittal can be a slow, painful and potentially error-prone exercise. CadTracker's issue wizard allows you to quickly and easily create, zip and e-mail transmittals with fewer errors.

The wizard lets you choose a subject and category, type a memo, select documents and drawings, create reports, and select e-mail and postal recipients. Issues can be split up into multiple transmittal zips to allow for small inbox sizes.

Issue advice reports are automatically generated, based on your selected template. Different templates can be created for different types of transmittals. For example, when issuing to clients you might use a landscape template showing all columns, and when issuing drawings to a workshop you might use a portrait template with additional blank columns for handwritten notes.

Features: the top 5 reasons to choose CadTracker

  1. Highly configurable system designed to meet the needs of different disciplines
  2. Powerful tracking, preview and search options for drawings and documents
  3. Comprehensive and flexible reports, registers and spreadsheets
  4. AutoCAD plug-in allows title blocks to be inserted, updated, revised, superseded and printed
  5. Robust and reliable SQL database

Benefits: the top 5 reported by CadTracker operators

  1. Significant productivity gains for managers, document controllers and CAD operators
  2. Improved trackability of in- and outbound drawings, documents and issues
  3. Better collaboration: team members and clients stay up-to-date with the latest information
  4. Improved consistency and quality of AutoCAD drawings
  5. Greater sense of control for all team members
Start your free trial today. Install CadTracker on as many PCs as you wish with no restrictions for 30 days.