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Creating real world solutions

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CadTracker was created for the real world and proven with real projects by teams around Australia.

In 2008, CAD Tech Australia, a highly respected and successful structural steel detailing company, began development of CadTracker. From the outset, CadTracker was designed to meet the needs of multiple disciplines within the AEC industry.

In 2013, CadTech Software was launched to provide marketing, training and support for CadTracker and other software solutions currently under development.


Our experienced team

The CadTech Software team has several decades of experience within the AEC industry, and in developing business and CAD software solutions. We have been Autodesk Developer Network members for more than 20 years.

We understand the needs of the industry, and we have collaborated with other disciplines throughout the development of CadTracker to ensure it works in the real world.


Our industry services

CadTech Software is primarily focussed on developing and marketing our core product, CadTracker. We also offer training, consulting and software development services for database-driven business applications and Autodesk solutions.

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Our technology

At CadTech Software, our ethos is Make it work, then make it fast. CadTracker is an innovative and user-friendly application built on the Microsoft .NET Framework and cloud-ready SQL Server technology.

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Our mission

CadTech Software is committed to creating and marketing exceptional solutions that work in the real world.

We are a small, but agile team that can respond to the needs of an industry that is changing as rapidly as ever.